• Nicholasville's Liquor Destination


When was the last time you walked into a liquor store and felt at home? Sure, many liquor and wine establishments have an expansive selection of spirits, fine wines, affordable drinks shoved into spaces without care and without thought. You know those bottles are just sitting on the shelves, getting dusty because no one seems to take the time to explain to anyone what they actually are, what they pair well with, etc. In fact, when most of us even think about a liquor store, we don’t exactly think of the most inviting place in the world. 

Get ready to have an unseen experience of a liquor store, because Happy Hour Liquor (formerly Bypass Liquors) is making that happen through customer service, extensive knowledge of their products, and a stellar high end bourbon bar (coming soon) that you can’t find anywhere else. Stop by and meet the staff, browse our selections and grab a pour that will treat you like a warm Kentucky hug. Cheers!

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