Starlight "The Honey You Can't Refuse" Bourbon Finished in Honey

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We managed to get one of the final barrels of Honey finished Bourbon which was fantastic tasting and the easy favorite. There are almost no honey finished bourbons left at Starlight! The bourbon rests in the honey finished barrel for several months bringing out all the honey goodness it has to offer. This is a highly desirable finish and will not last too long here (on your shelf)!

On the nose we have a nice vanilla, honey and floral essence with a dash of oak and cinnamon. A very nice but not overpowering honey that is clearly balanced right. The palate is rich with vanilla, honey and sweet sugar. There's a slight hint of gingersnap cookies with a bit of cinnamon on the tongue. The finish is creamy, fruity and pleasant with a nice lingering mouthfeel that stays sweet and rich without the cinnamon hotness that is warming with just the right balance of bourbon and honey.